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New tournaments added

3/18/2006 Red and White Bowl NAQT NAQT
9/29/2007 Princess Anne Invitational NAQT
1/26/2008 Furniture City Classic NAQT
2/23/2008 Western NC Shootout NAQT
6/7/2008 Battle of the Brains NAQT
9/27/2008 Wofford Invitational NAQT
10/25/2008 Second Annual Viking Invitational NAQT
12/6/2008 Speedway Shootout III NAQT
2/28/2009 Quaker Bowl NAQT
3/14/2009 Western NC Shootout NAQT
5/2/2009 Second Annual Season Ender Tournament NAQT
5/16/2009 2009 North Carolina Open Academic State Tournament NAQT
5/30/2009 2009 High School National Championship Tournament NAQT
10/24/2009 Speedway Shootout IV NAQT
3/6/2010 Western NC Shootout NAQT
3/13/2010 2010 North Carolina Open Academic State Tournament NAQT
10/23/2010 Quaker Bowl NAQT
4/9/2011 Duke Invitational NAQT
9/17/2011 Oakland City University Academic Challenge NAQT
9/22/2011 Tulsa Public Schools Academic Bowl League NAQT
9/24/2011 Maryland Fall Tournament NAQT
9/24/2011 BAAL Decline and Fall Quiz Bowl NAQT
9/24/2011 Ysleta Invitational Tournament NAQT
10/1/2011 TQBA Middle School Kickoff I NAQT
10/8/2011 Warrior Scholars' Bowl Tournament NAQT
10/8/2011 Princeton High School Academic Tournament XIX NAQT
10/11/2011 Bay Area Quiz Kids NAQT
10/12/2011 St. Joseph Valley Quiz Bowl NAQT
10/15/2011 NCASA Quiz Bowl Open at Jordan-Matthews NAQT
10/15/2011 William Rufus King Memorial Tournament NAQT
10/15/2011 NCASA Quiz Bowl Open at Myers Park NAQT
10/15/2011 Rickards Brain Bowl Invitational NAQT
10/15/2011 GATA Fall Tournament NAQT
10/18/2011 Parkway District Tournament NAQT
10/22/2011 Missouri Fall Academic Tournament NAQT
10/24/2011 2011-12 Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl Green Mountain Regional NAQT
10/25/2011 Central Suburban League Scholastic Bowl NAQT
10/27/2011 Private School League NAQT
10/29/2011 Boise State Treasure Valley Tournament III NAQT
10/29/2011 Mellon Bowl IX NAQT
10/29/2011 2011 BAAL Halley's Comet NAQT
10/29/2011 2011 Righteous Justice Tournament NAQT
10/31/2011 South Central Scholastic Conference NAQT
11/1/2011 Central State Eight Conference Scholastic Bowl NAQT
11/2/2011 Ozark 7 Conference NAQT
11/2/2011 Tri-Valley Conference NAQT
11/4/2011 2011 Bevill-Jasper ACBL Tournament NAQT
11/4/2011 2011-12 Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl Metro Regional NAQT
11/5/2011 Jayhawks Invitational Tournament NAQT
11/5/2011 Vanderbilt ABC 41 Invitational NAQT
11/5/2011 2011-12 Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl Northeast Kingdom Regional NAQT
11/5/2011 2011 BAAL Guy Fawkes NAQT
11/7/2011 Northern Illinois Big 12 Conference Scholastic Bowl NAQT
11/8/2011 Mahomet-Seymour Invitational NAQT
11/10/2011 Eugene Invitational NAQT
11/10/2011 Santa Ana Kiwanis Quiz Bowl NAQT
11/10/2011 Connors State Brain Bowl NAQT
11/12/2011 El Paso Academic Challenge NAQT
11/12/2011 North White Kick-off Tournament NAQT
11/12/2011 Autumnal North Georgia Scholastic Tournament NAQT
11/12/2011 BRAVE Falcon '11 NAQT
11/12/2011 Clayton Quizbowl Invitational NAQT
11/12/2011 Parkersburg Catholic Invitational NAQT
11/12/2011 Matt Cvijanovich Memorial Tournament NAQT
11/14/2011 2011-12 Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl Franklin County Regional NAQT
11/15/2011 Eastern Missouri Conference Scholar Bowl NAQT
11/15/2011 2011-12 Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl South Regional NAQT
11/16/2011 Tippecanoe Valley Quiz Bowl Conference Tournament NAQT
11/17/2011 Mark Twain Conference Scholar Bowl Tournament NAQT
11/18/2011 Bishop Moore Catholic Challenge NAQT
11/19/2011 2011 IHSSBCA Kickoff Tournament NAQT
11/19/2011 Duke Invitational NAQT
11/19/2011 2011 IHSSBCA Kickoff Tournament NAQT NAQT NAQT NAQT
11/19/2011 Roseville Area Thumb-Racing Academic Competition Event NAQT
11/19/2011 Bel Air Invitational NAQT
11/19/2011 Cornell Cayuga Championship 4 NAQT
11/19/2011 TQBA Bayou City Quiz Bowl NAQT
11/19/2011 Jefferson City Bill Currie Memorial Tournament NAQT
11/19/2011 Tiger Bowl I NAQT
11/20/2011 2011-12 Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl Connecticut Valley Regional NAQT
11/26/2011 Alberta Quizbowl Tournament I NAQT
11/26/2011 Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament VII NAQT
11/30/2011 Ridley College Invitational NAQT
11/30/2011 Missouri River Valley Conference Scholar Bowl NAQT
12/1/2011 Tri-County Conference Scholar Bowl NAQT
12/2/2011 2011 Snead ACBL Tournament NAQT
12/3/2011 Metro North Conference Scholastic Bowl NAQT
12/3/2011 ASU Winter Invitational NAQT
12/3/2011 Quest NAQT
12/3/2011 Brooke Invitational NAQT
12/3/2011 Wisconsin Fall High School Quiz Bowl Tournament NAQT
12/3/2011 Big Twelve Conference Scholastic Bowl NAQT
12/4/2011 Toronto High School Invitational NAQT
12/8/2011 Metro East Quad League Scholastic Bowl NAQT
12/8/2011 Northern Kentucky Quizbowl League NAQT
12/9/2011 2011-12 Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl Addison Regional NAQT
12/10/2011 Lockout Affair Requiring Grade Eight Seven Six Entrants NAQT
12/10/2011 Burlington Middle School Invitational NAQT
12/10/2011 VCU Winter Tournament IV NAQT
12/10/2011 OAAC Middle School Invitational NAQT
12/13/2011 Butler Duals NAQT
1/4/2012 Mahoning County League NAQT
1/5/2012 Platte Valley Conference Middle School Scholar Bowl NAQT
1/6/2012 Florida Gateway High School Invitational NAQT
1/6/2012 Richland School District 2 Quiz Whiz NAQT
1/7/2012 Kewpie Academic Tournament NAQT
1/7/2012 TQBA Junior Rodeo NAQT
1/7/2012 13th IHSSBCA Turnabout NAQT NAQT NAQT NAQT
1/9/2012 Three Rivers Conference Scholastic Bowl NAQT
1/14/2012 Covenant Christian Invitational NAQT
1/20/2012 Two-Year Sectional Championship NAQT NAQT NAQT
1/21/2012 Corn Belt Conference Scholastic Bowl Tournament NAQT
1/21/2012 Two-Year Sectional Championship NAQT NAQT
1/21/2012 Carrboro Cup NAQT
1/21/2012 Geneseo Frosh/Soph Invitational NAQT
1/21/2012 Springfield Invitational NAQT
1/21/2012 Two-Year Sectional Championship NAQT
1/25/2012 Southwest Central Scholar Bowl League NAQT
1/26/2012 Clarence Cannon Conference Scholar Bowl NAQT
1/26/2012 Crossroads Conference Scholar Bowl Tournament NAQT
1/26/2012 Mineral Area Activities Association Scholar Bowl NAQT
1/28/2012 7th Annual Culver Academies Frosh/Soph Tournament NAQT
1/28/2012 2012 St. Matthew's Invitational NAQT
1/28/2012 Archdiocesan Athletic Association Scholar Bowl NAQT
1/28/2012 8th Annual Culver Invitational NAQT
1/29/2012 Charter Oak Scholastic Open I NAQT
1/29/2012 2012 Bergen Academies Junior Academic Competition NAQT
1/31/2012 Sabine Parish Senior Quiz Bowl NAQT
1/31/2012 Little Okaw Valley Conference Scholastic Bowl NAQT
2/2/2012 Sabine Parish Junior Quiz Bowl NAQT
2/4/2012 NAQT Region 5 Sectional (Region 5) NAQT
2/4/2012 NAQT West Sectional (Region 15) NAQT
2/4/2012 2012 Groundhog Day Academic Tournament NAQT
2/4/2012 NAQT Region 10 Sectional (Region 10) NAQT
2/4/2012 NAQT Canada Sectional (Region 2) NAQT
2/4/2012 2012 Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl Playoffs NAQT
2/4/2012 NAQT Region 3 Sectional (Region 3) NAQT
2/4/2012 NAQT New England Sectional (Region 1) NAQT
2/9/2012 Platte Valley Conference Scholar Bowl NAQT
2/11/2012 Delaware Spring Open NAQT
2/11/2012 Crusader Quiz Bowl XII NAQT
2/11/2012 2012 Marauder Invitational NAQT
2/11/2012 El Paso Quiz Bowl Championship NAQT
2/11/2012 Kingston High School Quizbowl Tournament NAQT
2/13/2012 Sweetwater Union Academic League Tournament NAQT
2/14/2012 Frenchtown Invitational Academic Tournament NAQT
2/18/2012 Wilmington Charter Middle School Invitational NAQT
2/18/2012 TQBA Texas Invitational NAQT
2/18/2012 Savannah Middle School Invitational NAQT
2/19/2012 Solon Middle School Invitational NAQT
2/20/2012 Arcadia Carnal Embrace VI NAQT
2/23/2012 Interstate-8 Conference Tournament NAQT
2/25/2012 Indiana Frosh/Soph State Championship NAQT
2/25/2012 Midland Empire Conference Scholar Bowl NAQT
2/25/2012 Carmel Catholic Frosh/Soph Invitational NAQT
2/25/2012 MIT Beaver Academic Tournament VI NAQT
3/3/2012 Ballard-Eastern Scholastic Invitational I NAQT
3/3/2012 2012 NAQT Missouri State Qualifier NAQT
3/3/2012 Hartland Quiz Bowl XXII NAQT
3/3/2012 Rotary Club Indiana Quizbowl State Championship NAQT
3/6/2012 Tri-Rivers Conference NAQT
3/7/2012 Mahoning County Tournament NAQT
3/9/2012 2012 Enterprise ACBL Tournament NAQT
3/10/2012 Savannah Invitational NAQT
3/10/2012 Truman State Invitational NAQT
3/10/2012 1st Annual Detroit Catholic Central Middle School Tournament NAQT
3/10/2012 Brush Invitational NAQT
3/17/2012 The Eleventh Annual Joseph Bookstaber Memorial Tournament NAQT
3/17/2012 San Francisco Bay Area Catholic High School Quiz Bowl NAQT
3/23/2012 Tennessee High School State Academic Quiz Bowl Championship NAQT
3/24/2012 NCASA High School Quiz Bowl State Championship NAQT
3/24/2012 Alta-Aurelia Invitational NAQT
3/24/2012 2012 NAQT Ontario Provincial Championship NAQT
3/31/2012 Four Rivers Conference Scholar Bowl NAQT
4/7/2012 Battle of the Burgh XV NAQT
4/7/2012 Irvine High Operation Pandemonium I NAQT
4/10/2012 Greene County Rotary Tournament NAQT
4/14/2012 Ysleta Academic Shoot Out NAQT
4/20/2012 2012 ACBL State Championship NAQT
4/21/2012 Virginia Tech Spring Invitational NAQT
4/21/2012 2012 Middle School National Championship Tournament NAQT
4/27/2012 2012 KAEC State Championship NAQT
4/28/2012 Fair Haven Middle School Invitational NAQT
4/28/2012 Faber College Classic III NAQT
4/28/2012 San Francisco Bay Area Catholic Middle School Quiz Bowl NAQT
5/5/2012 Culver Goldfish Tournament NAQT
5/19/2012 2012 Midwest Championship NAQT
5/26/2012 2012 High School National Championship Tournament NAQT
12/15/2012 Bruno Battle Prelims
6/29/2013 St. Mary's Alumni Quiz NAQT
1/4/2014 Mountain Lakes Invitational NAQT
7/12/2014 St. Mary's Alumni Quiz NAQT
4/1/2015 TQBA Science Tutorials NAQT
6/15/2015 British Academic Quiz League NAQT
7/18/2015 St. Mary's Alumni Quiz NAQT NAQT
8/6/2017 VCU Side Event Stats 2017 Stock clues Xenophon Geoduck
8/12/2017 Naveed Bork Online Combined Prelims
8/12/2017 MK ULTRA III Combined
8/12/2017 XENOPHON - Toronto Mirror Round-robin
8/13/2017 Super ACRONYM Mirror Rebracket Prelims