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Currently, there are 562,188 individual player stats from 180,757 teams in 8,370 tournaments indexed on this site.

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New tournaments added

10/22/2011 Missouri Fall Academic Tournament NAQT
2/18/2012 Savannah Middle School Invitational NAQT
4/13/2012 Wise County Middle School Scholastic Bowl NAQT NAQT NAQT NAQT NAQT NAQT
10/10/2017 Chester County Academic Competition NAQT
1/6/2018 De Smet Varsity Invitational NAQT
2/26/2018 WVIA Scholastic Scrimmage NAQT
3/14/2018 Bakersfield Middle School Invitational NAQT
4/7/2018 2018 Ohio Middle School State Championship NAQT
4/10/2018 Greene County Rotary Tournament NAQT
4/11/2018 Frenchtown Invitational Academic Tournament NAQT
4/27/2018 Wise County Middle School Scholastic Bowl NAQT
5/12/2018 FST Mirror at Valencia Combined
5/12/2018 Crusader Quiz Bowl XVIII NAQT
5/12/2018 Stevenson Memorial Tournament (SMT) @ UChicago Complete stats
5/16/2018 Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Quiz 2018 Final Semi-finals
5/19/2018 Battle for the Eastern Seaboard in Totality (BEST) I Full round robin combined
5/19/2018 Triton Spring @ UCSD Prelims Playoffs Combined
5/19/2018 Crystal Springs Pre-National Tournament All games
5/19/2018 Solon Pre-Nationals Invitational NAQT
5/19/2018 Bard Pre-Nationals Invitational NAQT
5/19/2018 Bay Area Pre-Nationals Tournament NAQT
5/20/2018 Triton Prenats @ UCSD Semi-finals + finals Playoffs Prelims Combined
5/25/2018 ACRONYM 11 at HSNCT NAQT
5/25/2018 2018 High School National Championship Tournament NAQT
6/3/2018 AQUILA Aquila stats