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New tournaments added

3/31/2007 ACF Nationals 2007 Combined Prelims
9/27/2014 Yale Fall Academic Tournament NAQT
2/1/2018 Vermilion Valley Conference @ Armstrong NAQT
2/1/2018 Vermilion Valley Conference @ Westville NAQT
2/1/2018 Vermilion Valley Conference @ Milford NAQT
9/22/2018 Bay Area Fall Novice Tournament NAQT
10/4/2018 Fort Worth ISD Middle School Whiz Quiz NAQT
10/4/2018 Fort Worth ISD High School Whiz Quiz NAQT
11/26/2018 Rock Falls Optimist Scholastic Bowl NAQT
12/6/2018 Butler Duals NAQT
1/5/2019 Lee's Summit West Titan Tournament NAQT
1/5/2019 Bardbowl II NAQT
1/5/2019 Lakeland Winter Invitational NAQT
1/11/2019 2019 ASCA Junior Varsity District @ Hanceville NAQT
1/12/2019 Covenant Christian Invitational NAQT
1/12/2019 Knights' Challenge NAQT
1/12/2019 20th IHSSBCA Turnabout at Belvidere NAQT
1/12/2019 Eastlake Invitational NAQT
1/12/2019 North Atlanta Quiz Bowl Classic NAQT
1/12/2019 4th Annual Gallatin NJROTC JV Invitational NAQT
1/15/2019 Paris Duals NAQT
1/16/2019 Higbee Duals NAQT
1/17/2019 FORKAST II Combined Placement games Prelims Playoffs
1/19/2019 2019 Cal Classic NAQT
1/19/2019 Dorman High School 29th Cavalier Challenge Roebuck, SC 29th cav challenge middle school
1/19/2019 California Cup #2 Novice prelims
1/19/2019 TQBA Winter Roundup NAQT
1/19/2019 KCQRL JCTC January 19 2019 All games
1/19/2019 AQA January 2019 Playoffs (final standings) Prelims All games
1/19/2019 California Cup #2 Novice all games Comp. + standard all games Competitive + standard prelims
1/19/2019 LAMP Invitational NAQT
1/19/2019 Dorman High School 29th Cavalier Challenge Roebuck, SC 2019 cav challenge varsity 2019 cav challenge jv
1/19/2019 Arizona Quizbowl Association January Invitational NAQT
1/23/2019 2019 Cornerstone Christian/Christ Lutheran Dual NAQT
1/24/2019 Charleston County Academic Tournament NAQT
1/24/2019 2019 Bloomington-Normal Intracity Scholastic Bowl NAQT
1/26/2019 ESA Cade Cane Classic Tournament NAQT
1/26/2019 Mid-Michigan Small School Winter Tournament NAQT
1/26/2019 Mountain Vista Governor's School Open III NAQT
1/26/2019 Brookings-Harbor Regional Meet NAQT
1/26/2019 Archdiocesan Athletic Association Scholar Bowl NAQT
1/26/2019 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament NAQT
1/26/2019 TQBA Fort Worth Open NAQT
1/28/2019 Saints Peter and Paul Dual Meets NAQT
1/30/2019 River Valley Conference Scholastic Bowl NAQT
1/31/2019 Vermilion Valley Conference @ Oakwood NAQT
1/31/2019 Rich Hill Quadrangular Meets NAQT
2/2/2019 Classical Prep Semi-Annual Quiz Bowl Invitational NAQT
2/2/2019 Zanesville Invitational NAQT
2/2/2019 TQBA Rio Grande Valley Bowl III NAQT
2/2/2019 East Brunswick Funfest IV NAQT
2/2/2019 St. Mark's School of Texas Invitational NAQT
2/2/2019 Brother Bill Parsons Memorial Tournament NAQT
2/2/2019 Sacramento Spring Middle School Tournament NAQT
2/2/2019 General Education Middle School Tournament Offering Neverending Edification NAQT
2/7/2019 Central Buckeye Conference Academic Competition NAQT
2/8/2019 Medium and Small Schools Tournament NAQT
2/8/2019 Lutheran Sports Association of Missouri Scholar Bowl State Championship NAQT
2/9/2019 NAQT Midwest Sectional NAQT
2/9/2019 NAQT Rocky Mountain Sectional NAQT
2/9/2019 Geneva Invitational NAQT
2/9/2019 NAQT Central Sectional NAQT
2/9/2019 NAQT Northeast Sectional NAQT
2/9/2019 NAQT Mid-Atlantic Sectional NAQT
2/9/2019 NAQT Southern California Sectional NAQT
2/9/2019 NAQT Great Lakes Sectional NAQT
2/9/2019 Georgetown Prep Middle School Invitational NAQT
2/9/2019 NAQT Southeast Sectional NAQT
2/9/2019 NAQT New York Sectional NAQT
2/9/2019 NAQT Florida Sectional NAQT
2/13/2019 2019 Mahoning League Varsity
2/16/2019 Run for the Roses NAQT
2/16/2019 Inaugural White Station Middle School Winter Invitational NAQT
2/16/2019 Bronco Bowl Jr. NAQT
2/16/2019 H. L. Bourgeois Spring Invitational NAQT
2/23/2019 Tokyo Invitational NAQT
2/23/2019 2019 NAQT Illinois State Championship NAQT
2/25/2019 2018-2019 Toledo Area Academic Quiz Bowl League Jv Varsity
2/25/2019 Macoupin County Scholar Bowl Tournament NAQT
3/1/2019 South Shelby Middle School Scholar Bowl Tournament NAQT
3/2/2019 New Jersey Middle School State Championship NAQT
3/2/2019 ACRONYM 12 at CCCT NAQT
3/5/2019 Montgomery County Intermediate Unit #23 Academic Bowl NAQT
3/5/2019 CCAA Conference Scholar Bowl Tournament NAQT
3/9/2019 Dutchtown Academic Tournament NAQT
3/9/2019 Marianna Bulldog Invitational NAQT
3/9/2019 Tenth Annual Jr. Wildcat Tournament NAQT
3/9/2019 TQBA Mean Green Meet II NAQT
3/9/2019 Holmen Quiz Bowl Invitational NAQT
3/16/2019 2019 NAQT Ohio Small School State Championship NAQT
3/16/2019 2019 Penn State Spring Academic Bowl NAQT
3/16/2019 DeLaSalle Invitational Academic Tournament Of Middle Schools NAQT
3/23/2019 2019 Asian Championship Tournament NAQT
3/23/2019 LATTE-Eagle Ridge Middle School Invitational NAQT
3/30/2019 WRA Future Stars Competition NAQT
3/30/2019 Timberwolf Invitational NAQT
4/27/2019 2019 Kentucky Middle School State Championship NAQT
5/3/2019 2019 Small School National Championship Tournament NAQT
5/10/2019 2019 Middle School National Championship Tournament NAQT
5/15/2019 Cambridge Intercollegiate Quiz 2019 Group stage
5/24/2019 2019 High School National Championship Tournament NAQT
5/24/2019 ACRONYM 12 at HSNCT NAQT
6/2/2019 Berus-Lie Intramural Guerilla Tournament (BLIGT) Prelims