Diplomacy V - Winter 1907 Adjustment

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Order Results:

Austria: B A vie
France: B F bre
France: B A mar
France: B A par
Army at Silesia ordered to Disband.
Not enough Disband orders were submitted. Units farthest from home supply center will be disbanded.
Russia no longer controls any supply centers, and has been eliminated.
Russia: R A sil

Unit Locations:

Austria England France Germany Italy Russia Turkey
A bud A edi A bel A alb
A mos A kie A ber A bul
A rum A pru A mar A gre
A vie F bal A mun A ser
A war F eng A par A sev
F hel A rom F bla
F hol A ruh F ion
F bre F tri
F lvp
F mao
F nap
F nwg
F nwy
F wes
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