FTFDip I - Spring 1912 Movement and Retreat

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Order Results:

England: F Bal S Germany A Ber
England: A Gas -> Mar
Bounced with Pie (1 against 1).
England: F Mao -> Nao
England: A Nwy S A Stp
England: F Por -> Mao
England: A Stp H
England: F Wes -> Spa (sc)
No order for unit at Ruhr. Hold order assigned.

France: F Bre -> Pic
France: A Par -> Bur
France: A Ruh H
France: F Spa (nc) -> Por
No order for unit at Munich. Hold order assigned.

Germany: F Bel -> Eng
Germany: A Ber H
Germany: A Kie S A Mun
Germany: A Mun H
Germany: F Nth S F Bel -> Eng
No order for unit at Constantinople. Hold order assigned.

Turkey: A Ank -> Smy
Turkey: A Boh S A Sil
Turkey: F Con H
Turkey: F Eas -> Ion
Turkey: F Gre -> Alb
Turkey: F Ion -> Nap
Turkey: A Lvn -> Pru
Turkey: A Mos -> Lvn
Turkey: A Pie -> Mar
Bounced with Gas (1 against 1).
Turkey: A Sil H
Turkey: F Smy -> Aeg
Turkey: A Tun -> Rom
Convoy path taken: Tun→Tys→Rom.
Turkey: F Tus -> Lyo
Turkey: A Tyr -> Mun
Bounced with Mun (1 against 2).
Turkey: F Tys C A Tun -> Rom
Turkey: A Ven -> Pie
Failed because Turkey: A Pie -> Mar failed.
Turkey: A War -> Mos

Unit Locations:

Austria England France Germany Italy Russia Turkey
A gas A bur A ber A boh
A nwy A ruh A kie A lvn
A stp F pic A mun A mos
F bal F por F eng A pie
F mao F nth A pru
F nao A rom
F spa A sil
A smy
A tyr
A ven
F aeg
F alb
F con
F ion
F lyo
F nap
F tys
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