PBEM7 - Fall 1913 Movement and Retreat

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Order Results:

England: F bal -> ber
England: F bel -> eng
England: A boh -> tyr
Bounced with pie (2 against 1).
England: A bud -> tri
Bounced with tri (1 against 2).
England: A hol -> bel
England: A lvp -> wal
England: A lon -> nwy
Convoy path taken: lon→nth→nwy.
England: A mun S A boh -> tyr
England: F nth C A lon -> nwy
England: F nwg -> nao
England: A rum -> ser
Bounced with ser (1 against 1).
England: A sev -> rum
Bounced with bul (1 against 1).
England: F stp (nc) -> bar
England: A ukr S A sev -> rum
England: A vie -> tri
Bounced with bud (1 against 1).
England: A war H
France: F adr S A tri
France: F aeg S A alb -> gre
France: A alb -> gre
France: A bre -> pic
France: F con -> bla
France: A gas -> bur
France: F gre -> ion
France: A pie -> tyr
Bounced with boh (2 against 1).
France: A ser S Turkey A bul -> rum
France: F spa (nc) -> mao
France: A tri S A ser
Support cut by Move from Vienna.
France: A tyr -> vie
Failed because England: A vie -> tri failed.
Turkey: A arm -> smy
Turkey: A bul -> rum
Bounced with sev (2 against 1).
Turkey: A pru -> sil
Turkey: A ven S France A pie -> tyr

Unit Locations:

Austria England France Germany Italy Russia Turkey
A bel A bur A bul
A boh A gre A sil
A bud A pic A smy
A mun A pie A ven
A nwy A ser
A rum A tri
A sev A tyr
A ukr F adr
A vie F aeg
A wal F bla
A war F ion
F bar F mao
F ber
F eng
F nao
F nth
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