UltimateDip - Fall 1902 Movement and Retreat

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Order Results:

Austria: A bud -> ser
Austria: F gre -> ion
Austria: A rum S Turkey A arm -> sev
Austria: A tri -> ven
Bounced with ven (1 against 1).
Austria: A vie -> bud
England: A bel -> hol
Bounced with hol (2 against 2).
England: F hel S A bel -> hol
England: F nth -> den
England: F nwg -> nwy
England: F ska S F nth -> den
France: A bur -> bel
Failed because England: A bel -> hol failed.
France: F lyo S A mar -> pie
France: A mar -> pie
France: F mao -> wes
France: A spa -> mar
Germany: A hol H
Germany: A mun -> kie
Germany: A pru -> war
Bounced with gal (1 against 1).
Germany: A ruh S A hol
Germany: F swe -> den
Bounced with nth (1 against 1).
No order for unit at Piedmont. Hold order assigned.
No order for unit at Rome. Hold order assigned.
No order for unit at Tunis. Hold order assigned.
No order for unit at Venice. Hold order assigned.

Italy: A pie H
Dislodged from mar (2 against 1).
Italy: F rom H
Italy: F tun H
Italy: A ven H
The Fleet in Sevastopol cannot retreat; unit destroyed.
Russia: A gal -> war
Bounced with pru (1 against 1).
Russia: F sev H
Dislodged from arm (3 against 2).
Russia: F stp (sc) -> bot
Russia: A ukr S F sev
Turkey: A arm -> sev
Turkey: F bla S A arm -> sev
Turkey: A bul S Austria A rum
Turkey: F con S A bul

Retreat Results:

No order for unit at Piedmont. Unit tasked to Disband.
Italy: A pie D

Unit Locations:

Austria England France Germany Italy Russia Turkey
A bud A bel A bur A hol A ven A gal A bul
A rum F den A mar A kie F rom A ukr A sev
A ser F hel A pie A pru F tun F bot F bla
A tri F nwy F lyo A ruh F con
F ion F ska F wes F swe
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