You don't have to follow these, but otherwise the orders will become very unwieldly and long. There are varitions on this, so bear with me here.

Moving from province to province:

[Attacking province] - [Destination province
Examples: Lon - NTH; Kie - Den

Holding your army

[Province] h OR
[province] stands OR
Just write nothing or complete gibberish!
Examples: Spa h; Mos stands; BLA c Par - Swi (This move is illegal, so the fleet will hold)

Supporting provinces

[Supporting province] s [Supported province]
[Supporting province] s [Attacking province] - [Destination Province]
Examples: Tri s Vie; Ser s Alb - Gre

Convoying armies

[Fleet 1] c [Army] - [Destination]
[Fleet 2] c [Army] - [Destination] etc.
[Army] - [Destination]
Examples: ION c Nap - Tun, Nap - Tun; ENG c Lon - Bel, NTH c Lon - Bel, Lon - Bel
Note: It's a good idea (but not absolutely necessary) to have both the fleet convoy orders and the army move order written down. Also, in the second example, the convoy will suceed as long as there is one open route.

Region Abbreviations

Albania - Alb
Ankara - Ank
Apuila - Apu
Armenia - Arm
Belgium - Bel
Berlin - Ber
Bohemia - Boh
Brest - Bre
Budapest - Bud
Bulgeria - Bul
Burgendy - Bur
Clyde - Cly
Constantinople - Con
Denmark - Den
Edinburgh - Edi
Finland - Fin
Galacia - Gal
Gascony - Gas
Greece - Gre
Holland - Hol
Kiel - Kie
Liverpool - Lvp OR Lpl
Livonia - Lvn
London - Lon
Marseilles - Mar
Moscow - Mos
Munich - Mun
Naples - Nap
North Africa - NAf
Norway - Nor OR Nwy
Paris - Par
Picardy - Pic
Piedmont - Pie
Portugal - Por
Prussia - Pru
Ruhr - Ruh
Rome - Rom
Rumania - Rum
St. Petersburg - StP
Serbia - Ser
Sevastpol - Sev
Silesia - Sil
Smyrna - Smy
Spain - Spa
Sweden - Swe
Syria - Syr
Trieste - Tri
Tunis - Tun
Tuscany - Tus
Tyrolia - Tyr
Ukraine - Ukr
Venice - Ven
Vienna - Vie
Wales - Wal
Warsaw - War
Yorkshire - Yor

Adriatic Sea - ADR
Aegean Sea - AEG
Baltic Sea - BAL
Barents Sea - BAR
Black Sea - BLA
Eastern Mediterranean Sea - EMS or EAS
English Channel - ENG
Gulf of Bothnia - GoB or BOT
Gulf of Lyons - GoL or LYO
Heligoland Bight - HEL
Ionian Sea - ION
Irish Sea - IRI
Mid Atlantc Ocean - MAO or MID or MAt
North Atlantic Ocean - NAO or NAt
North Sea - NTH
Norwegian Sea - NWG or NWS
Skagerrak - SKA
Tyrrhenian Sea - TYR or TYS
Western Mediterranean Sea - WMS or WES