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UltimateDip - Spring 1902 Movement and Retreat

Choose a season:

1901W 1902W 1902S 1902F

Order Results:

Austria: A bud S A ser -> rum
Austria: F gre H
Austria: A ser -> rum
Austria: A tri -> ven
Bounced with ven (1 against 1).
Austria: A vie -> gal
Failed because Russia: A gal -> rum failed.
England: A bel S France A par -> bur
England: F edi -> nwg
England: F lon -> nth
England: F nth -> hel
England: F nwy -> ska
France: A bur -> mar
France: F mar -> lyo
France: A par -> bur
France: F por -> mao
France: A spa S A bur -> mar
Germany: A ber -> pru
Germany: F den -> swe
Germany: A hol S A kie -> ruh
Germany: A kie -> ruh
Germany: A mun -> bur
Bounced with par (1 against 1).
No order for unit at Piedmont. Hold order assigned.
No order for unit at Rome. Hold order assigned.
No order for unit at Tunis. Hold order assigned.
No order for unit at Venice. Hold order assigned.

Italy: A pie H
Italy: F rom H
Italy: F tun H
Italy: A ven H
Russia: A gal -> rum
Bounced with ser (1 against 1).
Russia: F sev S A gal -> rum
Support cut by Move from Armenia.
Russia: F stp (sc) H
Russia: A ukr S F sev
No order for unit at Bulgaria. Hold order assigned.

Turkey: A arm -> sev
Bounced with sev (2 against 2).
Turkey: F bla S A arm -> sev
Turkey: A bul H
Turkey: F con S A bul

Unit Locations:

Austria England France Germany Italy Russia Turkey
A bud A bel A bur A hol A pie A gal A arm
A rum F hel A mar A mun A ven A ukr A bul
A tri F nth A spa A pru F rom F sev F bla
A vie F nwg F lyo A ruh F tun F stp F con
F gre F ska F mao F swe

1901W 1902W 1902S 1902F