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BroadcastDip - Fall 1901 Movement and Retreat

Choose a season:

1901W 1901S 1901F 1902W

Order Results:

Austria: A gal -> rum
Austria: A ser S A gal -> rum
Austria: F tri -> ven
Bounced with ven (1 against 1).
England: F nth C A yor -> nwy
England: F nwg S A yor -> nwy
England: A yor -> nwy
Convoy path taken: yor→nth→nwy.
France: F eng -> bel
France: A pic S F eng -> bel
France: A spa -> por
Germany: F den -> nth
Bounced with nth (1 against 1).
Germany: A kie -> den
Failed because Germany: F den -> nth failed.
Germany: A ruh -> hol
Italy: A apu -> gre
Convoy path taken: apu→ion→gre.
Italy: F ion C A apu -> gre
Italy: A ven H
The Fleet in Rumania cannot retreat; unit destroyed.
Russia: F fin -> swe
Russia: F rum -> bul (ec)
Bounced with bul (1 against 1).
Dislodged from gal (2 against 1).
Russia: A sil -> ber
Russia: A stp -> lvn
Turkey: A arm -> sev
Turkey: F bla S A arm -> sev
Turkey: A bul -> rum
Bounced with gal (1 against 1).

Unit Locations:

Austria England France Germany Italy Russia Turkey
A rum A nwy A pic A hol A gre A ber A bul
A ser F nth A por A kie A ven A lvn A sev
F tri F nwg F bel F den F ion F swe F bla

1901W 1901S 1901F 1902W