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PBEM8 - Spring 1905 Movement and Retreat

Choose a season:

1901W 1902W 1903W 1904W 1905W 1905S 1905F 1906W 1907W 1908W 1909W 1910W 1910S

Order Results:

No order for unit at Paris. Hold order assigned.

England: F bar -> nwy
England: F eng -> bel
Bounced with bel (1 against 1).
England: A gas S F spa (sc)
England: F mao -> por
England: F nth S F eng -> bel
Support cut by Move from Skagerrak.
England: A par H
England: F spa (sc) S F mao -> por
England: A stp S F bar -> nwy
The Fleet in Portugal cannot retreat; unit destroyed.
France: A mar S Germany A bur
Support failed. Move orders must be supported explicitly.
France: F por S Italy F wes -> mao
Dislodged from mao (2 against 1).
No order for unit at Kiel. Hold order assigned.

Germany: A bel H
Germany: A bur -> pic
Germany: F kie H
Germany: A mun -> bur
Germany: A pru -> lvn
Germany: A sil -> pru
Germany: F ska -> nth
Bounced with nth (1 against 1).
Italy: F gre -> aeg
Italy: F ion -> eas
Italy: F nap -> tys
Italy: A pie S Germany A bur -> mar
Support failed. Supported unit's order does not match support given.
Italy: F smy S F gre -> aeg
Italy: A tri -> ser
Italy: A vie H
Italy: F wes -> mao
No order for unit at Galicia. Hold order assigned.

Russia: A bul S Italy A tri -> ser
Russia: A gal H
Russia: A mos S A war
Russia: F sev -> bla
Russia: A war H
Turkey: F aeg -> gre
Bounced with gre (1 against 1).
Dislodged from gre (2 against 1).
Turkey: F ank S F bla -> con
Turkey: F bla -> con
Turkey: A rum -> ser
Bounced with tri (1 against 1).

Retreat Results:

Turkey: F aeg -> ion

Unit Locations:

Austria England France Germany Italy Russia Turkey
A gas A mar A bel A pie A bul A rum
A par A bur A ser A gal F ank
A stp A lvn A vie A mos F con
F eng A pic F aeg A war F ion
F nth A pru F eas F bla
F nwy F kie F mao
F por F ska F smy
F spa F tys

1901W 1902W 1903W 1904W 1905W 1905S 1905F 1906W 1907W 1908W 1909W 1910W 1910S