09/17/09 - Blog

A meta-Rant this time. Basically, should I keep the current system or change it to something a little more comformist.

06/11/09 - The End

The end of high school has finally arrived. But where one door closes, another one opens...

03/31/09 - Hours

Ever been up at 3:30 AM wishing you had more time to sleep? Well, if there were more hours in a day, you could do that.

03/19/09 - States

Fact: Fifty states are just too much. So why not get rid of some of them?

11/04/08 - Election

Harry makes his official debut into the world of liveblogging. Hat optional.

06/13/08 - Domination

Most everyone's greatest dream -- world domination. Now in a handy guide!

09/24/07 - Homecoming II: Electric Boogaloo

The Juniors want to win. The Seniors want revenge. One week. Four classes. One champion. September 2007.

05/10/07 - Censorship

Irony indeed. You try to stop something and it becomes very popular. Yet people don't get the point.

04/07/07 - Space

The final frontier. But it's still a frontier. So go! Before it's too late!

02/21/07 - Tabloids

Guess what? A rant! Because we all need to know what gum they're chewing. A shorter rant this time.

01/03/07 - Parties

No, I'm not talking about the ones where you play games or get drunk. Here, I'm blabbering on about the ones in Washington.

10/23/06 - Homecoming

Where I ramble on and on about the so-called controversy that is the scoring of the Homecoming Spirit Week.

10/06/06 - Alphabet

Again, a rant. After a while, using the same twenty-six letters gets really boring after a while.

09/27/06 - Conspiracy

The first real rant. Because people do actually believe in these things. However, I'm not one of them.

09/27/06 - Introduction

The beginning -- where I introduce this whole thing. So far the only one not to include comments.