First off, I would like to talk about something that's been really getting at me since I read The DaVinci Code, and it's how everyone is completely obsessed about some global conspiracy that is secretly ruling the world via flu shots and cell phone towers. People find clues in all sorts of things. I bet if you look close enough, you could find at least five clues leading to five different contradictory conspiracies. And guess what? I did not consciencely do that. And frankly, if you wanted to reveal a fact, you would have said so. And if you don't want to reveal the fact, then why on earth would youwant to leave clues about it? Now, the really nutty conspiracists would just say that these were just mistakes in the plan to take over humanity without us realizing it. But that just makes complete nonsence. And frankly, what's the point of ruling the world without anyone knowing about it? Doesn't that defeat the point? Oh, and just because "Beatles" is 834-7135 in leet doesn't meanthat you can call that number. So seriously, stop it with all these conspiracies. The black helecopters are (not) on their way.