I was thinking (get used to it) one day, and I came to the conclusion that the alphabet has been getting boring. I mean, it's always the same 26 letters in the exact same order, with each letter or combination of letters making only a certain set of sounds. That's why no one wants to learn languages. It's just too boring. So, in my attempt to help make the world a better and more exciting place, I shall ("Shall." Why not "will?") do my part to bring new interest to the English language. If you speak some other language, you're on your own.

You know what would do it? Add more letters. I know for some of you, 26 is a lot to learn, but I'm not talking about adding them all at once. Every few years, those guys who deterime whether or not "propagandarization" is a word (And if it isn't, it should) would convene to create a new letter of the alphabet, determine its usage, and mabye switch the order a bit. This may take a while, especially if they also supply flag football flags for my school, so I will go ahead and get the ball rolling with an easy one. In fact, it was a letter of the English alphabet, but due to some really weird reason or another, it did not make the cut, and is only available in Iceland. The letter I am thinking about is "Ŝ." It takes the place of "th" pronounciation-wise, and it sounds like "thorn." And so, I encourage people to use Ŝis new letter Ŝourghly and as many times as you can. Because, frankly, "th" does not sound like Ŝe combination of Ŝe letters "t" and "h." It makes no sence at all. So, get everyone to use Ŝis letter, and mabye Ŝose guys who make up Ŝis language of ours will listen and give us a more exciting language. I mean, seriously, Ŝe only people who might not like it are English teachers, but at least Ŝey would now know what it's like to chemistry teachers when Ŝey discovered Ununhexium. Because as we all know, Ununhexium is very possibly Ŝe most important element on Ŝe table.