Okay, I know that this is more seasonal than anything, but still, it's something that I have a desire to rant about. So therefore, I am going to rant about it. Just recently, in the Homecoming spirit week, the Sophomores beat the Juniors soundly in the point total. Almost always, the order goes Seniors first, followed by Juniors, then Sophomores, and finally Freshmen who are still trying to figure out how to do all this. So, naturally, it was an upset of sort when the Sophomores beat the Juniors, especially with the margin of victory that we had over them. That's nice and all, but you don't need to gloat all that much. Yes, I am a Sophomore, ad I am glad that we beat the Juniors, but you don't need to shout it in their faces. But what really bugs me is what the Juniors have done and/or what people claim that the Juniors did just to make them look bad. First off, I have heard from several people that the Juniors should have beat the Sophomores. So, let's look at the final scores for Homecoming week:

ClassMondayTuesdayThursdayFridaySpirit ExSkitMusic ExT-shirtBannerCheerFloatTotal

As you can see, the Sophomores beat the Juniors by almost 700 points, so it wasn't as if it was very close or anything. But what would have happened had some of those points gone to the Juniors? Let's see. Right now, the Juniors have to somehow make up 677 points. Not an easy task indeed. To begin with, almost everyone that I've talked to has agreed that the Juniors beat the Sophomores in the Music Ex. So, we give the Juniors 300 and the Sophomores 200. That makes it 2095 to 1618, or a 477 point difference. Next, let's look at the banner. One of the main reasons why they lost was because they apparently traced their banner. But if we still give them 200 and the Sophomores 150, this leaves the score at 2045-1668. Still 377 points to make up. Right now, it's hard to look for something that the Juniors could claim as winning. The spirit days you can't really count, since the Seniors got almost all the points, with the exception of a few Best Dressed awards that were usually no contest. The Spirit Ex was distributed out of about 1000 points with no set amount of points per ranking. The T-shirt contest was not going to be won by either the Freshmen or the Juniors, so you won't see much there. The Juniors had already won the Cheer, so you can rule that out. In the Float department, it's hard to say that the Sophomores didn't win it. There were a lot of motion in that circus tent/float. That leaves the skit. There was no way the Juniors could have gotten anywhere with it. The first one was about two-thirds complete when the buzzer sounded, and the second one managed to get booed at from several hundred people after they had insulted the quarterback. So basically, the Sophomores would have had second place no matter what.

And then there is the growing tensions between the two classes. For example, there is the Facebook group (or whatever it is; I don't use Facebook) devoted to claiming that the Juniors should have won. This was then counteracted by the "Get Over It" group. Then you have those Juniors who have been trying to kick out the other classes from Junior Lounge. The trouble with that is that it's unrestricted access right in the middle of the school where you have three hallways and a set of stairs which is connected to three more hallways as well as the main route to the trailers. You are going to see other class members there. Now where am I getting with this? Just highlight the text below and you'll find out.

Get over it already! It's over!