We all know the drill. In early November of every year, people over the age of 18 go out and vote. There are various topics out for debate, such as amendments to the state constitution, bond matters, and the such. But usually the most important issue for these elections is who's going to have a certain position of a high importance. Every one of these candidates have their own opinions on each issue. You have those who are pro-life, pro-choice, pro- and anti- gun control, gay marriage, tax cuts, and everything else under the sun. I'm not going to voice out my preferences. That's for another Rant. Instead, I'm talking about one of the few things the vast majority of major candidates agree on. No, I'm not talking about adding 'Þ to the English language. It's the fact that they are all in a political party.

No, I'm not talking about the same party. There are about the same number of Democratic politicians as there are Republican (I think). It's that everyone belongs to any political party, be it Republican, Democrat, Green, Reform, Socialist, Libertarian, or any of the myriad other ones. Generally, members of each of these have similar goals. The Republicans, for example, were originally for those who were anti-slavery. The problem is that not everyone follows the same set of ideals. Just because Mark Foley is (or at least was) a member of the GOP doesn't mean that every single member in his party likes 16-year old pages of the same gender. In fact, most of them are vehemently against that.

This is where the main problem with political parties comes into view. Just because some members have a certain opinion on an issue does not necessarily mean that all of their kinsmen have the same view, yet a lot of people believe to the contrary. The Foley incident took away lots of votes for the Republicans. Someone running for School Superintendent in North Dakota could be forcibly against what happened in Florida, but to certain voters that event automatically made him a collector of child porn. It's like saying that Catholics can't be Democrats because Democrats are pro-choice. The only Catholic president, John F. Kennedy, preferred the donkey over the elephant. Additionally, there are a lot of people who vote blindly for one party no matter what happens. These are the ones who will back whatever decisions their leaders make wholeheartedly without thinking about it first. These are the ones who vote for whom they supported last election rather than who they think will do the better job in office.

You know what would fix all this? Eliminating the entire party system altogether. Basically, make it every man for himself. Candidates can still raise money, but they won't be able to get it from the National Committee. A Representative need not be forced to vote against his will because his comrades tell him to. They won't be bogged down by misfortunate happenings to other people. And most importantly, it will cause people to actually take time and read up on what those who are running for office stand for. Sure there won't be the exiting mid-term elections such as the one in November, but at least it will help straighten up American politics once and for all.

Now, can someone explain to me why we believe it's acceptable for a citizen of Wyoming to have almost three times as much voting power as a citizen of California for presidential elections?