You hear it on the news all the time. Some celebrity gets a haircut. A movie star breaks up with someone. It's unavoidable. If you turn on the radio in the morning for about 15 minutes, you'll be guaranteed to hear one of those stories. But what does it matter if Ben Affleck switches breakfast cereals?

The paparazzi industry is a very profitable one indeed. People take pictures of celebrities, sell them to tabloids, and get a lot of money in return. Then, for some reason, people buy said tabloids. But why? Since when has it mattered to the everyday person that Jennifer Lopez decided to buy a different brand of socks? I honestly don't see the point of reading a tabloid about what happens during every waking (and sleeping) moment of a star's life.

And then there's the fact that most people do not want to be hounded every second of the day. All people need private time, and the continual presence of the paparazzi prevents that from happening. There have been innumerable incidences of things that are normally done in the safe seclusion of their own home being shown in broad daylight, thus having the potential to ruin even the most successful career. Just because a person made a slight goof-up does not mean that they should have to live with that disgrace for the rest of their lives.