Homecoming II: Electric Boogaloo

Well, Homecoming week is upon us again, and it looks like it's going to be a very competitive one. The Class of 2009 pulled a definite upset over the Junior Class of 2008 last year, but with the usurped in charge, it's going to be an uphill battle. If last year is any guide, the Seniors will take the best spirited title almost every day, no matter what the results should be. However, will that be enough to lift them up to another Senior championship? Let's take a look. The following are numbers taken from last year's Homecoming. The Juniors' line stays the same as last year's Sophomores, while the Seniors' is a combination of last year's Seniors (for the pep rallies) and Juniors (for everything else). As you can see, the Juniors currently have a slight lead over the Seniors:

ClassMondayTuesdayThursdayFridaySkitMusic ExT-shirtBannerCheerFloatTotal

Note that the Spirit Ex has been taken out, since it no longer exists. However, there are three more competitions that are not listed here that could change the outcome of this close race. First, you have a Wednesday Pep Rally. For the past two years, there has been no such animal because of PSATs. However, this year they are on different weeks, so now there's another rally. If the other days are any indication, the Seniors should get 150 for class spirit. As for the best dressed male/female, let's assume that that ends up being split between the upper classes. That now gives the Seniors the slightest of edges (50) over the Juniors.

But wait, there's more! In lieu of the Spirit Ex, there is now a canned food drive/ sculpture competition. There are two parts to this: quality, and quantity. If last year's floats are any indication, then the Juniors should have no trouble doing well in the sculpture itself. As for the number of cans donated, these have a tendancy to go to the younger classes, since they require little work to do. I would not be surprised if the Sophomores win this half of the show. As for the big race, the Class of 2009 appears to be out-performing their elder rivals. So, assuming 200/150/100/50 points for each part, (bringing the total value to 1000 points; same as most other facets of Homecoming) I predict 150+100=250 for the Seniors and 200+150=350 for the Juniors. Assuming the spread is so far correct, the see-saw now leans 50 points toward the Junior side.

A new challenge has arrived! Yes, there is one more competition left. So far the only mention of it has been a column on the Scoreboard under the label "Trivia". The general assumption is that it's a trivia challenge, though a karaoke contest is not out of the question. This could go either way, but I doubt the scoring will be that high. (200/150/100/50, perhaps?) Last time a trivia challenge was done (J-Day 2007), every class but the Seniors claimed victory. Seeing as this is very difficult to predict, I'm not going to have it affect the scores for now.

Naturally, these won't be spot on. For one, the scores from last year won't be exactly replicated. However, it serves as a guide to what could happen. The competitions will be much fiercer this time around. The Juniors feel they have a chance to win it all. The Seniors want vengeance for last year. Then there are the Sophomores. They have the ability to spoil it for one class. As for the Freshmen, they just got the short straw. And now, my prediction for Homecoming 2007: THe Juniors will pull it off, winning by only 100 points in what becomes quite possibly the closest spirit week in the history of TJ. Will this hold true? Only time and hoarse voices will tell.