Harry, 7:42 PM: Let's get the show on the road!

Michael, 7:48 PM: West Virginia for McCain? Good heavens!

Arthi, 7:53 PM: North Carolina makes me happy. Too early though.

, 8:29 PM:

Michael, 8:32 PM: Staunton County: McCain 4,746 to Obama 4,757. Darn close there.

Maita, 8:33 PM: McCain is at 54% and Obama is at 44% in Virginia with 38% of polls reporting (according to CNN)...This is why Maita wishes she could vote...

Nish, 8:40 PM: Nice site man, good job. OBAMA ftw

Michael, 7:46 PM: McCain's leading the popular vote, interestingly enough. Not that that's doing much good in Pennsylvania or Ohio.

Maita, 9:02 PM: What is this? Arizona is too close to call?

Maita, 10:22 PM: Obama is now leading in Virginia, 1,455,756 votes to 1,418,542 (50% to 49%).

Michael, 10:24 PM: Let me go cry now...

Rick, 10:24 PM: Way to go, Harry. Great blog. Now if we can get Virginia to Barack, we can call it a night already.

Maita, 10:33 PM: ...aaand Obama's leading by 1,500 in Montana. Sorry Michael.

Michael, 10:47 PM: :'(

Maita, 11:00 PM: Virginia has gone to Obama.

Maita, 11:02 PM: ...And congratulations, Mr. Obama.

, 11:04 PM: Current tally: Obama 297, McCain 147.

Harry, 11:05 PM: Ignore me there.

Craig, 11:20 PM: And I dont find this page until its already been called for obama...