The End

I can't believe it. It's the end of high school. It really hasn't sunk in yet, though. I still feel like I'll come back sometime in the near future and attend first period. After all, I have spent the last three summers knowing that the halls of TJ await me, so why is this one any different? Perhaps I'll come to the realisation when I finally arrive in college, when I come in and not be in the building I've been so used to seeing. Perhaps it will be after graduation, when I see the people I've attended high school with for the last time in perhaps ever. Perhaps it will come just one day when I'm sitting at home, thinking about what's happening. Regardless, there's always going to be a part of me that thinks that he's a TJ student.

Upon thinking about it, I kind of enjoyed high school. The spirit days, the being with fellow classmates, the classes themselves sometimes, I've like all of them. Yet on the other hand, I feel like it's about time for me to move on. I've spent four years here, and after a while at the same place, you start to get a bit restless. Plus, it's a big world. There's a lot of things to see, and you'll miss it if you stay back at high school or its memories thereof. There will be new adventures, new challenges, new opportunities, new rewards, and new experiences that I would never encounter at TJ.

On the other hand, there are things that take place in high school that I will probably never encounter in the rest of my life. Where else is there anything that even remotely resembles Homecoming Week? Where else will I get to co-mingle with my comrades in an environment small enough that I can actually get to know them? There are also things that I never got to do at TJ. I never played a sport, I never did anything in drama, I never took classes I wanted to take, as well as countless other dreams I had. But then again, we cannot even get close to what we desire to do with our lives, and at some point we must learn to accept that there are only 24 hours in a day. One of the lessons that I learned here at TJ is that you cannot try to do everything, as you'll find out that you cannot possibly succeed.

So here I am, knowing that soon I will walk across the Patriot Center, receiving my diploma. It's been a good four years, and while there are things that I wish I'd done differently, I'll take what I have made for myself. One thing I won't do, though, is that I will never forget the experiences and the lessons that I've learned here. I've had a great time, and I thank all of you for making this possible.