As you may have noticed, I have made less and less Rants over the past several months. The main reason behind this is that I feel like there's less of a need for me to actually rant about stuff. Apparently I've grown mellow in my old age. This isn't due to apathy, though. I still have my opinions on things. However, it's less of a "write about it and post it online for people to see" as it is a "defend my side of the argument if it were to happen to come up". Now, it doesn't mean that I don't have ideas for what to actually write about, it's just that I don't really consider them "rant-worthy", if you know what I mean.

So where am I going with this? Well, I'm considering turning this into more of an actual blog. Yes, I know I said that this wasn't a blog in the introduction. However, that was a different time (almost three years ago... wow), and well, if I were to stick to what my original intention was, I would probably put a lot less of these up. And since I've already deviated largely from what the Rants were supposed to be like in the first place, I figured it might be worth it to consider making a full transition.

If I were to turn this into a blog, then you would probably see me post a lot more, though most of the new content would be short things about stuff I happen to find interesting. I still won't post about what I ate for breakfast, and I would still put in stuff that would still be considered a Rant. Additionally, I would probably put a place for people to leave comments, which I haven't added for various reasons. However, I would keep all site news on the front page and keep the blog on its own separate page, as I feel like one should not have to wade through piles of one thing to get to the other.

The reason why I'm posting my contemplations is because ultimately, I want you guys to decide what will happen. Either way, I'm still going to write some amount of Rants or something that's basically the same thing (just with a different name). Meanwhile, the additional blog posts that I would write would be for the people who would potentially read them (naturally). If I were to write something because I really wanted to write it, I would do so as a Rant anyway. However, such an endeavor would require more work on my part (as I would expect people would have higher expectationxs with regard to timeliness with a blog than a bunch of occasionally-posted Rants), and would probably take away from other projects. On the other hand, I feel like I would enjoy doing something new.

I put in a comment box (which hopefully works) to see what people think of my idea. Feel free to use it, but I reserve the right to delete/edit offensive stuff.


Harry White, 12:45 AM: Yay! It works!

cahaseler, 1:09 AM: I vote blog.

WWW, 1:33 AM: Good idea.

fsufitch, 2:59 AM: Aiiieee!! It's yet another blog from people I know. Good idea, though. And, thanks for preempting my inevitable dire warning of no talking about cereal unless it's an ally of the penguins.

jwalsh, 12:54 PM: i like it. but you'd better make rss.

Harry White, 1:27 PM: John, I'm going to actually put something more permanent (and secure) when I actually make the transition. This was thrown together in about two minutes from some old stuff I had made.

jwalsh, 1:38 PM: good. delete the comment at 1:03 too.