The Most Popular Answers Contest II

Last month I ran The Most Popular Answers Contest, and it was popular enough I decided I wanted to do another one! Once again it’s very simple: Just go to this form and give what you believe will be the most common answer to each of the 10 prompts. For each question, you get one point per person who picks your answer (including yourself), and your scores for each question will be combined to get a final tally. The winner will once again receive untold fame and fortune, or at least until I run another one of these contests.

Rules are mostly the same as last time, but with a couple clarifications:

  • Answers need not be correct. If I asked people to name a color on the American flag and 3 people said green, they would each get 3 points.
  • Misspellings and synonyms where it’s obvious what the person is going for count as part of the original answer. So for instance, if I asked for a type of electronic and 10 people said television, 4 said TV, and 1 said tellevision, they would each get 15 points.
  • Answers that are specific cases of other answers are not grouped. Continuing from the previous answer, if another 3 people said “flat-screen television”, they would only get 3 points (and the other 15 would still only earn 15 points).
  • Not attempting to give an answer (e.g. “I don’t know”, “No clue”, etc.) will only get one point, unless someone else happens to answer the same way verbatim.
  • To get a final score for each person, I will add up the logarithm of the scores of each of their questions. (AKA, I will be using the “sum of log” score from last time.)

Good luck and have fun! You have until 12 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, May 24th to give me your answers, and results will be posted the following day.






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