The Most Popular Answers Contest: The Results

Last week, I asked people to enter what they think the most popular answer would be to each of 10 prompts. Sixty-seven of you responded, and here are the results! I had a lot of fun putting this together, I learned a bunch of lessons, and you guys seemed to like it a lot, so I’m probably going to run a second version of this in a few weeks. But without further ado, here are the results:

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The Most Popular Answers Contest

Inspired by a similar concept I saw somewhere on the Internet a while back, I would like to present the Most Popular Answers Contest! The rules are simple: Go to this form and give what you believe will be the most common answer to each of the 10 prompts. You get one point per person who picks your answer (including yourself), and the person who has the most points wins eternal glory (or at least a sense of pride and accomplishment).

Some additional rules:

  • Answers need not be correct. If I asked people to name a color on the American flag and 3 people said green, they would each get 3 points.
  • Misspellings and synonyms where it’s obvious what the person is going for count as part of the original answer. So for instance, if I asked for a type of electronic and 10 people said television, 4 said TV, and 1 said tellevision, they would each get 15 points.
  • Answers that are specific cases of other answers are not grouped. Continuing from the previous answer, if another 3 people said “flat-screen television”, they would only get 3 points (and the other 15 would still only earn 15 points).

Good luck and have fun! You have until 12 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, April 26th to give me your answers, after which I will announce results.

The Supersun of 2020

On January 5, 2020, the Earth will be the closest it will ever get to the Sun in the 21st century, at a nice and cozy distance of 91,398,199 miles. The pair will be about a million and a half miles nearer to each other than they are on average, which is over six times the distance from the Earth to the Moon. Since it’s in vogue to call large full Moons “supermoons”, I would like to dub this event the “supersun”. Of course, there’s a lot to the hows and whys and what it means other than “it’s big and close”, so I wanted to spend some time talking about it.

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How Big is Northern Virginia?

Some months ago, I was at a party where one attendee lamented not living in Northern Virginia and having to drive back home all the way to Centreville. This led to an animated discussion about whether that town was part of NoVA and what constituted the region. I started to wonder if it’s possible to come up with a unified definition to end the arguments once and for all. Continue reading How Big is Northern Virginia?

Days 5 and 6: The Great White North

Turns out it can be hard sometimes to find the time to get these written. Who knew constantly driving and exploring different places each day would be such hard work?

On Wednesday morning, I was a bit slow to wake up from having stayed up fairly late the night before. Before I started my journey for the day, I walked around downtown Montreal for a bit, deftly avoiding all the “sidewalk closed” signs. I’m sure it’s normally a much prettier city, but it’s hard to get a real gauge when I visit it in the middle of a facelift. I wasn’t able to stay long, though, since it was over 300 miles to Toronto, and this time I wanted to get there before sundown.

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Day 4: Going International

Okay, I’ll admit it. It got a bit cold last night. The low was in the upper 30s, but thankfully I brought my insulated sleeping bag which kept me from freezing. My dad and I packed up our gear, and around 8 in the morning we set out northward.

Our first stop was Bangor, about an hour north of Acadia. We had a big breakfast at a local diner, and since it was my 25th birthday, my dad bought me a slice of Apple pie and ice cream. Once we finished up, I dropped my dad off at the airport for his flight back home. Afterwards, I went to the Bangor public library to print out a few documents I might need for the border crossing. I gotta say, the library is a very useful public resource, even if you don’t use it to check out books. Eventually, I got my luggage sorted, my passport in my front seat, and I was ready to continue on.

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Day 3: The Precipice

It turns out that Acadia National Park isn’t known for its high-quality 4G networks, so while I wrote this on Monday, you’ll probably have to wait until I get to Bangor before this post is up.

After waking up bright and early at the Motel 6, my dad and I set out to compete the drive to Acadia. You’d think that Maine would be a small state, being in New England and all, but no, it’s a five-hour drive from Boston to Bar Harbor. It was at least a pretty drive, at least. We got to see the leaves change colors, the Atlantic Ocean, and the small towns that dot the coastline. Around lunchtime, we finally arrived at our destination. We set up the tent, unloaded our sleeping bags, and planned our hike for the day.

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Day 2: Beantown

Today, I woke up and discovered that my laptop decided that it didn’t want to hold a charge. To be fair, I wasn’t planning on using it for much, bit it may make my posts a bit shorter as I now have to rely on a phone keyboard for everything.

Once I got everything in order, I headed out from my lodging in Wellesley and took the train into town. It was a couple miles’ walk to the station, but I didn’t mind. Temperatures in the mid-fifties and a light mist is the best walking conditions, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Day 1: The Long Road to Boston

I woke up bright and early in my bed for the final time for a month. Today I would be leaving on a month-long trip of a lifetime, and the first step would be an eight-hour drive up to Boston. I wanted to get as far away from home as reasonably possible on my first day. It seemed a bit silly to spend an evening in nearby New York City when I could use that time to enjoy another day out west in a place I might never get to visit again. So, with my gear packed and my gas tank full, I headed off on my grand adventure.

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Road Trip Day 0: Introduction

About a year and a half ago, I was leaving Baltimore when I came across the exit for I-95. I ultimately took the exit to go south and back home, but at that moment I felt a nagging desire to turn north, leave my responsibilities behind for a while, and see what the open road had to offer. Tomorrow, after saving up several months’ worth of vacation time and gas money, I finally get to live that dream.

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