What this is

In October 2006, a group of friends and I started playing the board game Diplomacy during our lunch period. This page was set up in order to keep track of all the pieces, since the board had to be packed away at the end of lunch (and due to the nature of the game, only one round was played every lunch). Since then, many more games have been played with many more than the original seven players. Now, this page is an archive of old games as well as an interface where people can view and analyze current games.

Ongoing Diplomacy games

None... for now.

Completed Diplomacy games

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Key to games

Solo by X — One power reached the necessary 18 supply centers, or the necessary amount required for a solo victory

Win by X — All remaining powers have conceded the game to one player, despite not meeting the actual victory conditions. Usually a player in this situation is destined to win soon anyway.

Drawn between X, Y, and Z — All remaining powers have agreed to a draw between the specified powers. This usually occurs when a stalemate line is reached, if the remaining major powers are not inclined to attack each other, or if the game is limited by time in some way.

Drawn between survivors — All remaining powers have agreed to a draw amongst themselves. This may be caused by the same reasons listed above. If a game requires that draws include all survivors, game results will appear as this as opposed to the above.

Ended by GM — This indicates that the GM has ended the game himself, either due to lack of interest, other commitments, technical issues, or other such issues. Unless otherwise specified, no result is given for the game.

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