PBEMX - Spring 5 Movement and Retreat

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Order Results:

Carthage: A car H
Carthage: A cir -> mau
Bounced with mau (1 against 1).
Dislodged from pha (2 against 1).
Carthage: F tha S A car
Egypt: F ale -> lib
Egypt: F gop -> egy
Bounced with cil (1 against 1).
Egypt: A jer H
Egypt: A lep -> pha
Egypt: A mem -> mar
Egypt: A num S A pha -> cir
Egypt: A pha -> cir
Egypt: A sii S A jer
Greece: A che -> arm
Greece: A dac -> che
Greece: A gal -> sip
Greece: F mil -> min
Greece: F min -> cil
Persia: F cap -> ant
Persia: F cil -> egy
Persia: A isa -> cap
Persia: F syr S F cil -> egy
Persia: A tye -> jer
Bounced with jer (1 against 2).
No order for unit at Sicilia. Hold order assigned.

Rome: A ath -> spa
Rome: F ber S A sad -> car
Rome: A mac -> byz
Rome: A mau S A sad -> car
Support cut by Move from Cirta.
Rome: F nea -> ion
Rome: F pun C A sad -> car
Rome: A rav -> ven
Rome: A rha -> vin
Rome: A rom -> etr
Rome: A sad -> car
Bounced with car (2 against 2).
Convoy path taken: sad→pun→car.
Rome: A sic H
Rome: F spa -> mes
Rome: F tyn -> aus

Retreat Results:

Carthage: A cir -> sah

Unit Locations:

Carthage Egypt Greece Persia Rome
A car A cir A arm A cap A byz
A sah A jer A che A tye A etr
F tha A mar A sip F ant A mau
A num F cil F egy A sad
A pha F min F syr A sic
A sii A spa
F gop A ven
F lib A vin
F aus
F ber
F ion
F mes
F pun
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