This game has finished.

This is Phil once again.

All right, guys, this is the Dip group we have going. Country assignations and emails are as follows:

Harry White ( - Italy
Filip Sufitchi ( - France
Monica Li ( - Russia
Mohit Iyyer ( - Turkey
Jamie MacAtamney ( - Germany
Tom Williams ( - England
Evan MacDonald ( - Austria-Hungary

Start your diplomacizing! I believe all but Jamie have played before, so you can get into things pretty quickly. (Jamie, if you have questions on game mechanics or typical national strategy, talk to me or visit the Diplomacy Archive.) Orders are due on Wednesday afternoon at 1500 hours. I'll be in the syslab during eighth period tomorrow. I will accept handwritten, verbal, or email orders. If you use handwritten or email orders, please use the correct nomenclature for movement (described in the rulebook PDF in the original email).

I will update as soon as I have the orders for Spring 1901, and will use jDip for adjudication because that's the easiest way to do things. Make plans, plan stabs, stab friends - but most importantly, have fun.