This game has finished.

Hello, hello, all. This is the beginning of the third TJ PBEM, which is of the Youngstown variant. The map is attached. I WILL expect orders for Spring 1901 TOMORROW at 1500 hours (that's 3 PM for you nubs, "the end of A Block" for anyone without a watch or eyes). Send orders to, as I am playing in this game (as the Turk, again...stupid RNG) and think that it would be dishonest to have you send your orders to this email account. Here's the list of players, and their accompanying emails:

Austria-Hungary: Jamie McAtamney (
China: Craig Haseler (
England: Filip Sufitchi (
France: Benjin Dubishar (
Germany: Nick Loffredo (
India: Amar Sahai (
Italy: Drew Stebbins (
Japan: Harry White (
Russia: Josiah Boning (
Turkey: Phil Graves (

The rules for this variant can be found here (they're almost the exact same as those of vanilla Diplomacy):

Here you go! Diplomacize quickly!