This game has finished.

It starts... Here are the players:

Asher Rubin - Poland
Bobby Booth Kogan - Spain
Craig Haseler , - Turkey
Harry White - Russia
Igor Semynov <> - Ukraine
Amar Sahai - France
Jeffrey Thomas - Egypt (please correct me of his e-mail if it's wrong)
Mark Snyder - England
Ovidiu Sufitchi - Italy
Benjin Dubishar <> - Germany

I've attached a map of the starting position. Here's a link to a map with clearer territory names that you should use for writing orders:
First orders (Spring 1994) will be due on Friday at 4 PM. I will be more tolerant than Harry on orders, and my policy for NMRs is: 1st chance: random person (not in game) submits orders; 2nd chance: all hold orders; 3rd chance: REPLACEMENT! Hopefully there will be no replacements.
Have fun diplomacizing.


P.S. This is a Modern, Wing-unit variant. It is played on the Modern map and requires 33 Supply Centers to win. Wing units act like regular units, but can fly over both land and sea, but due to their airborne nature, they cannot capture Supply Centers. Although they can sit on them annoyingly... <_<
Once again, have fun diplomacizing, and don't forget: communication, communication, communication!