This game has finished.

Updates will be sent out by email only, they may be posted at by Harry. Use this site for any reference material related to dip you might need. I can be found in the Syslab at lunch and before school if you have any questions.

My policies:
By default, everyone has a standing "all units hold" order.
Any orders must be sent to this email address, although updates may not come from this one. They must include the name of your country and PBEM10 in the subject line.
If a player leaves the game, I will replace him. A player does not leave the game until that player either requests it or refuses to respond to multiple attempts at communication.
Orders are always due at 7:00PM, (EST or EDT, depending). Orders received at 7:01 will not be accepted. The last set of orders received before 7:00PM from the player, unless otherwise specified, will be the ones I use.
Spring 1901 Orders will be due at 7:00PM EST Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Craig Haseler (orders and GTalk) (MSN messenger) (When Hotmail and Gmail fail at the same time)