This game has finished.

Hi everyone! This is your GM, announcing the commencement of Diplomacy 6 and your randomly selected powers.

Austria: Andy Menke
England: Pepe Sylvia
France: Daniel Epstein
Germany: Phil Graves
Italy: Harry White
Russia: Benjin Dubishar
Turkey: Morgan Bell

I'll accept orders sent by any means, as long as they're in the right format. I mean, I won't kill you if you substitute A for F, but please. I'm usually stalkable at school, but probably the easiest way is to send them to this email (

Due to my severe computer illiteracy, I won't be able to produce something as nice as Harry's website. I will of course be sending you old-fashioned updates, akin to A Par-Bur ( bounced with GERMAN A Mun-Bur). However, Daniel is in charge of putting the updates online. The tentative address is, from where you can also see Diplomacies 4 and 5.

Take your time. Due to certain issues, your Spring 1901 orders are due to me in a full 11 days, at 1550 on Tuesday, 28 February 2007. Generally, we'll run on a Tuesday/Friday schedule. And unlike Phil, I do have jDip at home, so adjustment will occur sometime over the weekend.

Have fun/amusez-vous/habt SpaƟ! (Apologies to Italy, Russia, and Turkey.)


Mr Andrews > you