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FTFDip I - Fall 1906 Movement and Retreat

Choose a season:

1901W 1902W 1903W 1904W 1905W 1906W 1906S 1906F 1907W 1908W 1909W 1910W 1911W 1912W 1912S

Order Results:

Austria: A Mun S France A Ruh -> Kie
Austria: A Tri -> Ser
Austria: A Tyr -> Vie
Bounced with Vie (1 against 1).
Austria: A War -> Mos
Bounced with Stp (1 against 1).
England: F Bal -> Ber
England: F Eng -> Iri
England: F Lvp S A Yor -> Wal
England: F Nth -> Lon
Bounced with Wal (1 against 1).
England: A Nwy -> Stp
Failed because England: A Stp -> Mos failed.
England: A Stp -> Mos
Bounced with War (1 against 1).
England: A Yor -> Wal
No order for unit at Adriatic Sea. Hold order assigned.

France: F Adr H
France: F Ion S F Adr -> Alb
Support failed. Supported unit's order does not match support given.
France: F Iri -> Mao
France: A Pic -> Bre
France: A Rom -> Ven
France: A Ruh -> Kie
France: F Tys S F Ion
France: A Ven -> Pie
France: F Wal -> Lon
Bounced with Nth (1 against 1).
Dislodged from Yor (2 against 1).
Germany: F Bel S A Hol
Germany: A Hol S F Bel
Germany: F Kie S A Hol
Support cut by Move from Ruhr.
Dislodged from Ruh (2 against 1).
Germany: A Vie H
No order for unit at Constantinople. Hold order assigned.

Turkey: F Aeg S F Eas -> Ion
Turkey: A Alb S A Bud -> Tri
Turkey: A Arm -> Sev
Turkey: A Bud -> Tri
Turkey: F Con H
Turkey: F Eas -> Ion
Bounced with Ion (2 against 2).
Turkey: A Gre S A Alb
Turkey: F Smy -> Eas
Failed because Turkey: F Eas -> Ion failed.
Turkey: A Ukr -> War
Failed because Austria: A War -> Mos failed.

Retreat Results:

France: F Wal -> Eng
Germany: F Kie -> Den

Unit Locations:

Austria England France Germany Italy Russia Turkey
A mun A nwy A bre A hol A alb
A ser A stp A kie A vie A gre
A tyr A wal A pie F bel A sev
A war F ber A ven F den A tri
F iri F adr A ukr
F lvp F eng F aeg
F nth F ion F con
F mao F eas
F tys F smy

1901W 1902W 1903W 1904W 1905W 1906W 1906S 1906F 1907W 1908W 1909W 1910W 1911W 1912W 1912S