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PBEMX - Winter 5 Adjustment

Choose a season:

1W 2W 3W 4W 4F 5W 5S

Order Results:

Carthage: R F got
Carthage: R A sah
Egypt: B F ale
Egypt: B A mem
Army at Armenia ordered to Disband.
Fleet at Crete ordered to Disband.
Not enough Disband orders were submitted. Units farthest from home supply center will be disbanded.
Greece: R A arm
Greece: R F cre
Persia: R A sam
Rome: B F nea
Rome: B A rav
Rome: B A rom

Unit Locations:

Carthage Egypt Greece Persia Rome
A car A jer A che A isa A ath
A cir A lep A dac A tye A mac
F tha A mem A gal F cap A mau
A num F mil F cil A rav
A pha F min F syr A rha
A sii A rom
F ale A sad
F gop A sic
F ber
F nea
F pun
F spa
F tyn

1W 2W 3W 4W 4F 5W 5S