This game has finished.

Welcome to the return of Syslab Diplomacy! I am your friendly GM, Harry White (as if you didn't know that already). Anyway, here's a list of who's playing as who:

Austria - Benjin Dubishar -
England - Craig Haseler -
France - Andrew Hamilton -
Germany - Filip Sufitchi -
Italy - Amar Sahai -
Russia - Michael Sanders -
Turkey - Andy Menke -

Orders will be due on a daily basis during lunch (12:30 Thursdays, 12:10 all other days) in the Syslab. Written orders are accepted (and in fact encouraged). I will be updating during lunch, provided nothing special happens. If you need a recess or an extension, let me know ahead of time. If you do not turn in orders, we will find you. The results will be sent out via e-mail, at least until I get my site back up.

And now the usual listing of links: - A repository of Diplomacy articles - jDip, the program I use to adjudicate orders
The latest edition of the rules

Good luck, have fun, and don't Rickroll the GM!