This game has finished.

Hello and welcome to Diplomacy! For most of you, you've played before, but I'll still do the opening thingie. This is a Play By E-Mail (hence the PBEM in the title) game. Basically, this means that most of the action will occur by e-mail. I'll accept orders by e-mail (though you can also submit them in writing), and a good deal of the communication will probably be done electronically (but not necessarily). Anyway, you may want to know who's who:

Michael "Col." Sanders - Austria
Jeff Thomas - England
Pepe Sylvia - France
Amar Sahai - Germanybr> Bobby Kogan - Italy
Bharat Ponnaluri - Russia
Craig Haseler - Turkey

Orders will be due at 5:00, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you do not turn in orders, I will randomly assign orders to your units, and I will personally make sure that it will ruin your country.
In addition, you might find these links helpful: Diplomacy - Where I will post the results from the moves, as well as a few other things - A repository of Diplomacy articles - jDip, the program I use to adjudicate orders
The latest edition of the rules
Another, more concise edition of the rules

Spring 1901 orders will be due Monday at 5:00 PM. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I'm on AIM and Google Talk (supermath314), and I should be on for most of Sunday. There is no relevant question that's too stupid.

One last word of advice: Talk to everyone. If you are quiet, your neighbors will not know what to expect, and you may find yourself being attacked from all directions.

Let the game begin!