This game has finished.

First off, sorry for the delay. My bus got home late, and so I wasn't able to send out the e-mail and pack at the same time. Anyway...

Welcome to another exiting game of Diplomacy! We have a new player, Jason Garrett-Glaser, as well as six veterans who should try their bast to eliminate him by 1902 (just kidding). So, off with the power selections, courtesy of a random number generator (seriously!)

Jason Garrett-Glaser - Austria -
Filip Sufitchi - England -
Craig Haseler - France (again!) -
Amar Sahai - Germany -
Josiah Boning - Italy -
Phillip Graves - Russia -
Benjin Dubishar - Turkey -

Also, there was discussion about whether to use a different variant. I think that I'll stick with Standard for this game. Orders will be due at 12:10 weekdays instead of Thursdays, when they will be due at 12:25. I'll accept orders any way, but I'm not a big fan of verbal orders.

And a few useful links: - Where I will post the results from the moves, as well as a few other things - A repository of Diplomacy articles - jDip, the program I use to adjudicate orders
The latest edition of the rules

Spring 1901 orders will be due at 12:10 on Tuesday. This should give enough time for everyone to discuss strategy.