This game has finished.

Hello, and welcome to PBEM1900. We're now in winter 1899, immediately before the first turn: in order to maintain interest, I'd like to get things moving ASAP. Spring moves will be due - shocker, this - at 1405 hours tomorrow. Yes, 1405 hours - or 2:05 PM Eastern Standard Time. I want you to send in orders to the following email: No other orders will be accepted. Here are the Players:

Austria-Hungary: Phil Graves (
Britain: Harry White (
France: Nick Loffredo (
Germany: Filip Sufitchi (
Italy: Craig Haseler (
Russia: Jamie McAtamney (
Ottoman Empire: Amar Sahai (

There we are: now send in orders! The map is attached. More information can be found in the Gamer's Guide to 1900, a pdf on the Diplomatic Pouch website's variants page.