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PBEM5 - Fall 1997 Movement and Retreat

Choose a season:

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Order Results:

Britain: F eng -> bel
Bounced with bel (1 against 3).
Britain: W nth S Russia A swe -> den
Britain: F nor S W nth
Britain: F por S F sve
Support cut by Move from Navarra.
Dislodged from nav (2 against 1).
Britain: F sve S F por
Support cut by Move from Andalusia.
Britain: F sao S France A and -> gib
Support failed. Supported unit's order does not match support given.
Britain: A wal H
The Fleet in Israel cannot retreat; unit destroyed.
Egypt: A cai -> ale
Bounced with lbn (1 against 1).
Egypt: F isr H
Dislodged from syr (3 against 2).
Egypt: A sin S F isr
France: A als S A swi
France: A and -> sve
Bounced with sve (1 against 1).
France: A mad S A nav -> por
France: A mar S A swi
France: A nav -> por
France: A pic S Germany A bel
France: W sog -> sao
Bounced with sao (1 against 1).
France: A swi S A als
The Army in Krakow cannot retreat; unit destroyed.
Germany: A bel H
Germany: A cze S A kra
Support cut by Move from Slovakia.
Germany: F den -> nth
Bounced with nth (1 against 2).
Dislodged from swe (2 against 1).
Germany: A fra -> ber
Bounced with pru (1 against 1).
Germany: F hol S A bel
Germany: A kra S A cze
Support cut by Move from Podolia.
Dislodged from pod (3 against 1).
Italy: A aus S A mun
Italy: A cro S F ser
Italy: F esa S F lbn -> ale
Italy: F ion H
Italy: F lib -> esa
Bounced with esa (1 against 1).
Italy: F lbn -> ale
Italy: A mil H
Italy: A mun H
Italy: F ser H
Italy: A ven H
Poland: A pru -> ber
Poland: A sil S A pru -> ber
Poland: A slo -> cze
Bounced with cze (1 against 1).
Russia: F bal -> bhm
Russia: A bie S A pod -> kra
Russia: A gda S A war
Russia: W geo H
Russia: W gob -> swe
Russia: A lit S A gda
Russia: A mos S A bie
Russia: F ode -> sev
Russia: A pod -> kra
Russia: W sev -> kie
Russia: A swe -> den
Russia: W vol -> kha
Russia: A war S A pod -> kra
Spain: A gib H
Spain: A mor H
Turkey: A ank -> rum
Convoy path taken: ank→wbs→rum.
Turkey: F bul S A ank -> rum
Turkey: F eme S A syr -> isr
Turkey: A gre S A mac
Turkey: F izm -> aeg
Turkey: A jor S A syr -> isr
Turkey: A mac S A gre
Turkey: A rum -> hun
Turkey: A syr -> isr
Turkey: F wbs C A ank -> rum
Ukraine: A cen -> vol

Retreat Results:

Britain: F por D
No order for unit at Denmark. Unit tasked to Disband.
Germany: F den D

Unit Locations:

Britain Egypt France Germany Italy Poland Russia Spain Turkey Ukraine
A wal A cai A als A bel A aus A ber A bie A gib A gre A vol
F eng A sin A and A cze A cro A sil A den A mor A hun
F nor A mad A fra A mil A slo A gda A isr
F sao A mar F hol A mun A kra A jor
F sve A pic A ven A lit A mac
W nth A por F ale A mos A rum
A swi F esa A war F aeg
W sog F ion F bhm F bul
F lib F sev F eme
F ser W geo F wbs
W kha
W kie
W swe

1994W 1995W 1996W 1997W 1997S 1997F 1998W 1999W 2000W 2001W 2002W 2002S