This game has finished.

Hello and welcome to your first Diplomacy game!
The people who are playing are:

* England - Dylan Ladwig -
* France - Jack Borsi -
* Germany - Ron Enson - (for your e-mail, you should play as Scandinavia in one of the expanded variants)
* Austria-Hungary - Luke Bean -
* Russia - Robarto Valle -
* Turkey - JB Reiter -

Please correct me ASAP about name or email misspellings.
I'm going to give you a bit more time than usual to get your orders in. The Spring 1901 Movement orders shall be due on Wednesday, 24 October 2007 @ 1230 hours (end of lunch).
A couple of pointers:

* Communicate, especially with the people next to you. If you don't, they may think you have nothing to say, and imply that you want to kill them.
* Turn orders in on time. Really.
* Harry's site is useful:
* The Diplomacy Archive is also useful:
* Ask me if you have any questions. The GM (Game Moderator) is bound to being truthful. The only thing I can't do is give you advice on what to do. Other people not involved in the game, can do that. I would recommend asking the other founders of WDC: Harry White ( ) or Monica Li (
* You can walk into the Syslab before school, during lunch, and sometimes during 8th period, and you'll be sure to find one or more people poring over Diplomacy maps. You could ask them about stuff, or even maybe pop in your advice about their game, and hope to do some serious result warping. ;)

The starting map is attached to this e-mail. I will always also attach the .jdip file, the file that jDip uses. jDip is an electronic Diplomacy judge, and is found at You can simulate or start your own games with it!

Lastly, I wish you all good luck. Also, Mme. Estelle de Laurent (aka Monica) would like to remind you all that "Napoleon Bonaparte pwn5 j00!!1!"

Peace and prosperity,
Filip Sufitchi