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PBEM9 - Fall 1901 Movement and Retreat

Choose a season:

1901W 1901S 1901F 1902W

Order Results:

Austria: F alb -> gre
Austria: A ser S F alb -> gre
Austria: A tri -> alb
England: F eng C A wal -> bel
England: F nth -> nwy
England: A wal -> bel
Bounced with hol (1 against 1).
Convoy path taken: wal→eng→bel.
No order for unit at Marseilles. Hold order assigned.

France: A gas -> spa
France: A mar H
France: F mao -> por
Germany: F hol -> bel
Bounced with wal (1 against 1).
Germany: A kie -> den
Germany: A mun -> kie
Italy: A apu -> nap
Italy: F ion H
Italy: A pie H
Russia: F lvn -> bot
Russia: F sev -> rum
Russia: A ukr S F sev -> rum
Russia: A war -> gal
Turkey: F ank -> bla
Turkey: A bul -> rum
Turkey: A con -> bul
Failed because Turkey: A bul -> rum failed.

Unit Locations:

Austria England France Germany Italy Russia Turkey
A alb A wal A mar A den A nap A gal A bul
A ser F eng A spa A kie A pie A ukr A con
F gre F nwy F por F hol F ion F bot F bla
F rum

1901W 1901S 1901F 1902W