This game has finished.

Hello and welcome to Diplomacy! For most of you, you've played before, but I'll still do the opening thingie. This is a Play By E-Mail (hence the PBEM in the title) game. Basically, this means that most of the action will occur by e-mail. I'll accept orders by e-mail (though you can also submit them in writing), and a good deal of the communication will probably be done electronically (but not necessarily). Anyway, you may want to know who's who:

Harry White - Austria
Bharat Ponnaluri - England
David English - France
Nate Coddington - Germany
Benjin Dubishar - Italy
Andrew Hamilton - Russia
Craig Haseler - Turkey

Orders will be due at 5:00, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you do not turn in orders, I will randomly assign orders to your units, and unlike Harry, I will just tell all your units to hold. Otherwise I will probably make sure that it will ruin your country.
In addition, you might find these links helpful: - Harry's site. The images may or may not be there (I will definitely email pictures of the the moves to everyone). - A repository of Diplomacy articles - jDip, the program I use to adjudicate orders
The latest edition of the rules
Another, more concise edition of the rules

Spring 1901 orders will be due Wednesday at 5:00 PM. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I'm on AIM (BBKFerretlover) and Google Talk. There is no relevant question that's too stupid.

In addition, the orders will be a little irregular in the beginning due to The Merchant of Venice. I strongly recommend that you all see it. It is free. It is on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

One last word of advice: Talk to everyone. If you are quiet, your neighbors will not know what to expect, and you may find yourself being attacked from all directions.

Let the game begin!

And yes, I did steal this from Harry